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Drone flying over mountains

About Drone 

Drone Forward was founded by a group of educators and entrepreneurs who recognized future needs for diverse individuals with STEAM education and believe drone-centric STEAM education to be the vehicle to reach the greatest results. 


Drone Forward Incorporated is a nonprofit organization with the goal of solidifying the link between education and future unmanned systems careers. Our mission is to strengthen the contributions of robotics and unmanned vehicle technologies to the US economy by providing youth in diverse American communities with educational opportunities and experiential gateways that lead to drone related careers of the future. 

Girl showing man how to do something on a computer.

How we accomplish our mission

The Drone Forward education team has developed a set of four Signature Education Programs designed to facilitate STEAM and 21st Century Skills development. These four programs provide a central pathway for all students, starting at age 10 with our Drone Builders Challenge and ending with programs for young adults seeking career/professional education. Each of our programs has variations with modifications made to accommodate virtual, in-person, and hybrid modalities. Drone Forward instruction is a catalyst for deep personal exploration outside the classroom. Drone Forward has an inhouse staff to accommodate students who do not have access to programs like ours and all students lacking in resources receive full scholarships because of our donors.

Drone Forward Signature Education Programs are available to educational organizations at industry competitive rates and for schools in low-funding situations, DFI will actively develop partnerships and utilize our in-house grant writing team to provide our resources.


Drone Forward Inc. Top 50 organizations in education award.

At the core, Drone Forward is a platform dedicated to educating people on the benefits of drones and unmanned systems. Without involvement from corporations, manufacturers, startups, and trailblazing individuals in the drone industry, our platform is unable to connect the local communities we seek to help with drone technology and STEAM education that is needed to grow the U.S. unmanned systems industry. 


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