Drone Forward was founded by a group of educators and entrepreneurs who recognized future needs for diverse individuals with STEAM education and believe drone-centric STEAM education to be the vehicle to reach the greatest results. 


Drone Forward Incorporated is a nonprofit organization with the goal of solidifying the link between education and future unmanned systems careers. Our mission is to strengthen the contributions of robotics and unmanned vehicle technologies to the US economy by providing youth in diverse American communities with educational opportunities and experiential gateways that lead to drone related careers of the future.

How we accomplish our mission: Drone Forward Incorporated utilizes data analytics to locate communities where our programs prove most beneficial to local youth. When an optimal location is pinpointed, Drone Forward targets an unused facility in the area to launch our program with an entertainment- and education-based fundraising event.  The structures most suitable for this purpose are minor league baseball stadiums. When fundraising is completed, Drone Forward utilizes these funds to provide STEAM based drone building, coding, and entrepreneurship workshops, focusing on schools where data analysis demonstrates these efforts to be most valuable.

Drone Forward believes that embedding data collection methods throughout our projects and providing access to our results is imperative to running a transparent nonprofit organization. Our metrics are focused on two areas of impact:


1. The measurable development of STEAM based skills by our workshop students


2. The measurable impact of our drone and unmanned technologies public education programming on business owners, public officials, and the overall community  



At the core, Drone Forward is a platform dedicated to educating people on the benefits of drones and unmanned systems. Without involvement from corporations, manufacturers, startups, and trailblazing individuals in the drone industry, our platform is unable to connect the local communities we seek to help with drone technology and STEAM education that is needed to grow the U.S. drone industry. 


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