Practice Challenges

Welcome Pilots

1.     Drone Box Jumps

  • Equipment: Drone and a cardboard box with a suggested measurement of at least 8 inches by 12 inches.

  • Challenge: Begin by launching the drone from any point around a stationary box and landing the drone on the top of the box (drone can tap the top and not completely land to earn a point) and fly the drone back to the beginning surface. This up-and-down movement, touching the top of the box each repetition is how points are earned.

  • Scoring: One point will be earned every time repetition is completed. This challenge is a one minute timed challenge.

2.     Drone Flips

  • Equipment: Drone with the ability to flip (exclude models such as DJI Mavic)

  • Challenge: Once getting the drone airborne, the pilot must flip --drone will go inverted (upside down)-- the drone as many times as possible while keeping the drone within a 6 foot radius from the takeoff point. 

  • Scoring: One point will be earned for each flip completed. This challenge is a one minute timed challenge. 


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