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Drone Games.

Welcome 1st-time competitors

We are honored to have you as part of the Drone Forward community and welcome you as a beta tester for The Drone Games.

The Drone Games is a friendly competition with a total of four challenges that can be done at home, preferably outside.

 Each challenge will be scored according to one of three components: the time it takes to complete challenges, the number of repetitions completed in a set time, or for our landing challenge, the area of landing zone the pilot successfully landed upon.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON VIDEO SUBMISSIONS: Video of each challenge is necessary to secure your rank if other competitors want to challenge your scores. Video can be recorded via 3rd person camera or with you drone's onboard camera. If you are using your onboard camera, make sure propellors have come to a complete stop before picking up your drone to use camera to capture important components of the submission like measurements. 

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