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2023 Delivery Capabilities

What are drones hauling these days? Some items for laughter (i.e. pizza to go viral on social media) and other items for legitimate transport.

Regardless of the haul, load restrictions apply to every drone. Understanding weight limits will keep us from crashing them into property, or burning out motors mid-flight. Overloads affect takeoff and/or maneuverability, so be careful when assessing a drone’s carry capacity.

Load Carry Capacity

"The maximum, peak point, or weighted capacity that may be imposed on a given system under normal conditions for an extended period of time."

Depending on where your drone is manufactured, metrics may be listed in kg’s (kilograms).

1 kg = 2.204 pounds

2kg = 4.409 pounds

5 kg = 11.023 pounds

A quick math check never hurts!

Thrust-to-Weight Ratio is also a factor. For novices, we recommend an off-the-shelf drone that already has recommended parameters. Those working on custom mods will find useful propeller stats from databases online.

Maintain safe practices and airdrop those pizzas!!!

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