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How Businesses Are Benefiting From Drone Use

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

In 2012, President Obama authorized the utilization of drones to target suspected militants in risky areas to minimize security threats to US military personnel. The technology is used in conditions where human activities are too risky or difficult. Each drone can fly more than 30 minutes, enabling organizations to perform complex tasks. Apart from the military, the technology is being utilized in agriculture, logistics, and the movie industry to execute tasks more efficiently.


The agricultural industry is revolutionizing itself by using drones at different stages of the farming process. From crop spraying to farm monitoring, irrigation, livestock management, and planting, agricultural firms can rely on drones to improve operational efficiency and productivity. The technology minimizes the cost of large-scale farming by reducing dependence on humans to perform major tasks.

In the US, farmers in Idaho use drones in most agricultural activities. They cite the ability to collect data throughout the planting season and improved decision making as some of the key benefits of the technology. Programs such as irrigation, weeding, and the application of fertilizer have improved because farmers rely on information gathered using drones to make choices. Therefore, Agricultural businesses that have utilized drone technologies to support their farming efforts have seen increased rates of production and more profit.


Logistics firms can also take advantage of drone technology to improve efficiency. Studies indicate that traffic congestion costs travelers

more than $62 billion each year. While expenses that logistics firms incur due to road congestion vary from city to city, the use of trucks to deliver customers’ orders is highly inefficient. Drones can be utilized to increase package delivery speed, reduce transportation costs, and reach remote areas where road infrastructure is underdeveloped.

The fact that drones can be operated in diverse weather conditions also implies that they can help logistics companies to serve more clients. Another key benefit of increased utilization of drones in the logistics sector is reduced carbon emissions by reducing the use of trucks. The advantages should motivate businesses in the freight transport industry around the world to integrate drones into their operations.

Movie Industry

Drones are also used in the film sector to improve the quality of movies. Since 2014 when the use of drones in film production was legalized in the US, many organizations have been using the technology for aerial footage. The technology is useful in recording chase scenes, such as the motorcycle race section of the 2012 James Bond Skyfall movie. Thus, drones allow film producers to capture unique scenes that enhance the quality of movies. Cinema businesses can use the devices to enhance the quality of movies while lowering expenses.

Drones are utilized by many different organizations to increase productivity and the efficiency of operations. In agriculture, individuals monitor large farms using drones and gather the information that facilitates decision-making.

Logistics firms also use the technology to increase the speed of order delivery and avoid costs associated with road congestion. Besides, logistics companies enhance productivity using drones that can be operated in distinct weather conditions. Furthermore, innovations enable film producers to capture unique scenes.

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