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Make Your First Move in the Drone World!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Drones are making massive headway in the United States. Recently, the FAA approved 1 group for crop spraying nationwide via drone. This will easily reduce traditional aircraft emissions from crop dusting (some of you might remember the guy from the Independence Day movie).

Drone growth opportunities:

  • Flight operations

  • Drone maintenance

  • GIS Mapping (aerial photography)

  • Charging stations

Drone pilots can either moonlight for agriculture businesses, or demonstrate full UAS operations (e.g. drone landing zones, field mapping) so others can follow in their footsteps.

We don’t yet know which direction the industry is headed, which is great news. Emerging startups are building drones. Pilots are operating flights with multiple weight classes and loads. Vendors are weighing the decision to hire directly or outsource drone work.

To date drones are proving useful in several industries; law enforcement, agriculture, healthcare, and construction are the current hotspots. As more industries join in, groups will solicit work and training from seasoned drone pilots. This could be you!

Learn about the growing drone industry. Study for the FAA Part 107 exam. Become a drone pilot!

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