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Veterans Taking Off

Drone Forward has teamed with the Wounded Warrior Project to offer a one-of-a-kind drone education experience for veterans.

Drone Forward Incorporated (DFI) knows that drones create limitless career opportunities for individuals looking for future economic opportunities. An equally important fact about drones, or un-crewed aviation vehicles (UAV’s), is that they can provide limitless hours of fun for individual pilots and families alike. Because of this, DFI has been dedicated to developing an event where military veterans learn about UAV career opportunities and also use flying to connect with others.

DFI has a goal for all veterans attending the upcoming drone event on November 15th in

Roseland, Virginia: all veterans will leave the event with a drone that they can fly with their friends and/or kids, creating new memories together, while also using their drone piloting skills to create job opportunities and earn income. DFI has developed a multifaceted event utilizing drone building, drone games, and career exhibitions to help veterans see how drones are guiding society towards a safer, more sustainable future. Most importantly, DFI is honored to work with the Wounded Warrior Project on this inaugural event.

The synergy between DFI and Wounded Warrior Project is the product of DFI’s dedicated Business Development Director, Rob Corbett. Rob is an Air Force veteran and thought leader for inclusivity in the UAV industry. About a year ago, Rob visited the Roseland, Virginia site where the event will be hosted and he set his sights on achieving the vision he had that day; a vision of veterans from all different backgrounds sharing in the momentum and fun of the booming UAV industry. Rob Corbett is an asset to the UAV industry in his dedication to developing events where multiple organizations come together to achieve greater goals and provide value to communities.

Beyond the November 15th event, Drone Forward will continue to provide events to veterans and their families. We hope to gain your support in these ventures and welcome any contribution. Also, please contact us if you are interested in providing time as a volunteer by filling out our contact form on

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