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There are many ways to help Drone Forward, from in-kind donations to volunteering or applying for one of our core positions. Contact us today to find out the most rewarding way for you to help us improve our capabilities. 


Drone Forward is currently researching and performing analytics on communities where our programming will have the greatest impact. Our goal is to have a launch community chosen by the end of summer 2020 and begin developing relationships with schools in that community to provide programming. We encourage any one willing to help further our research and analytics during this key process to contact us. 

In order to successfully provide workshops, Drone Forward is constantly working towards securing the resources needed for our students. Drone Forward actively seeks donations of hardware such as drones, batteries, and other technologies. We are currently developing a department to focus on the donation strategy, outreach, and acquisition process and would value new team members willing to dedicate time to these efforts. 

Added Income for Teachers 

Drone Forward seeks teachers that are willing to provide our workshops on a contract basis to schools in their region. Most of our teachers learn our curriculum when we provide workshops to their students, so the training process is easy. 

Professional Development Opportunity 

Drone Forward is the first of its kind business model in the non-profit world, leveraging network effect and gig-economy elements to create an easily scaled movement. During this startup stage, all executive and managerial staff will be instrumental in developing the systems necessary to make this vision successful.  

Small Business Partnerships 

Many small businesses have depreciated resources or unsalable back-stock that could be donated to Drone Forward and have significant tax deduction benefits (upon 501c3 approval) that outweigh other options. We welcome the opportunity to develop strategies on how to make donations to DFI most beneficial to your business.  


At Drone Forward, we know there is much to learn and discover about working towards achieving our mission. If you have any ideas on ways you could help or insights that you think would help us, please provide us with your information and we will contact you ASAP. 

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