Drone Forward uses the excitement of the drone industry to attract youth to STEAM education and empower them to become active participants in vocational and executive roles that future industries will desire

2020 Summer Program & Workshop

November 3rd - Drone Forward's signature Drone and Robotics Entrepreneurship course is designed to teach students the skills needed to uncover and execute on business opportunities in drone and robotics related industries. This course will push students to consider the UN Sustainability Goals and how they relate to the students' communities. The course will then support students in developing business concepts ranging from products and services, to online platforms, that target solutions to further one or more of the UN Sustainability Goals for their community or the world at large. Students will end this course by successfully pitching their businesses to a panel of executives.


TBA -  Drone Forward is currently BETA testing The Drone Games, an initiative to provide the drone pilot community with a fun and exciting competitive platform for the community to grow and develop relationships. This initiative is focused on providing a service to the community that will enable Drone Forward to be self sustaining and not need to be dependent upon grant funding and donations to provide and scale our programs for underprivileged and underrepresented children. 

Data Driven Programming

Drone Forward uses our online materials to gather data on areas where concentrations of our students are located. This data helps us to plan our in-person workshops in those communities where interest and involvement are greatest. 

Community Outreach

Once Drone Forward begins to see a geographic location where significant amounts of students are utilizing our online resources, we begin to develop relationships with the community in order to build the infrastructure to provide an in-person STEAM education camp for children in that area. 

Fundraising Actions

Although Drone Forward accepts donations, our fundraising method is centered on providing competitive drone-centric STEAM education, including our signature entrepreneurial and business education courses, as alternatives to for-profit camps and workshops offered at private academies and prep-schools throughout the United States. Any school that is interested in hearing how our programming can add value beyond your current drone-centric STEM or STEAM provider is welcome to contact us.  

Education Initiatives


Evolutionary Involvement

Drone Forward creates valuable materials and events to empower all individuals with knowledge and action taking steps for implementing drones and related technologies into their lives. 

The core courses offered in our STEAM camps are Python Drone Coding and Drone Building. Electives include Drones in the Arts, Drones and Data Collection, Drone Entrepreneurship, and Drone Industry Exploration. Our courses are meant to help children locate strengths and passions that will drive career exploration. All our courses are designed to promote the development of easily transferable soft and hard-skills -a focus that sets us distinctly apart from similar programs. 

Drone Forward creates long-term community relationships and depends upon the infrastructure of those local educators and local industry leaders who contribute to our programs to direct how our continued efforts evolve to provide multifaceted value. We are always open to supporting local Drone Forward Chapters that seek to add more events and programs beyond what is provided by our central office. 




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