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Rules and F.A.Q.

​What are "The Drone Games" and who can compete?

  • The Drone Games is a friendly competition with a total of four challenges that can be done at home, preferably outside. 

  • This will be open to all pilots in the world. The drone model that each competitor signs up with has to be used for all challenges and if that drone has technical issues during the competition, only a drone of the same make and model can replace the first drone.

  • The design of the challenges will work towards bringing out all weaknesses in all drones, thus illuminating any one style or type of craft from having a competitive advantage.

​When and where are "The Drone Games"?

  • All competitors will receive detailed directions on Jan 8th 2021  on how to complete each challenge and will submit their scores online.

​How did I submit?

  • in order to qualify an entry, challengers will video each challenge and submit videos on our easy to use submission platform.

How does scoring work?

  •  Each challenge will be scored according to one of three components: the time it takes to complete challenges, the number of repetitions completed in a set time, or for our landing challenge, the area of landing zone the pilot successfully landed upon.

  • Many of the challenges in The Drone Games require measurements taken and we hold all competitors to an honesty policy concerning measurements, any competitors displaying open intent to misrepresent measurements will be disqualified.

What do I need to compete?

  • 2 chairs or stools (can be modified) 

  • A broom with a handle at least 4 ft long (can be modified) 

  • A hoop or cardboard box that can be modified to make a tunnel

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