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10-Year-Old Consults Business on COVID-19 Project

July 2nd

Children approach the world's problems with an unencumbered elegance that produces some of the most actionable solutions. Drone Forward believes it is imperative to bring children into the fold of solving the problems that will shape their futures.

On July 10th, Drone Forward Incorporated (DFI) will be launching our signature education program, The DFI Youth Consulting Program. The Youth Consulting Program (YCP) is designed to empower the next generation of drone and robotics entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders. In the program, consultants will help the robotics firm LightLine make an important business decision: Should they design a COVID-19 disinfecting bot? The consultants will utilize methods commonly taught at the graduate level in business school to solve this problem.

The Spotlight Student in this program is Chloe Rawlinson, the youngest of 12 consultants in the program. What Chloe has set out to prove is that a 10 year old can learn and effectively apply business concepts, including marketing segmentation, targeting, and positioning, to help a robotics company overcome their real-time business problem. When the program ends on July 24th, Chloe and her team will present their findings to the following panel of judges: Lightline CEO, Brett Wagner; Former iRobot Director of Research, Andrew Bennett: and the CEO of Electroninks Incorporated, Brett Walker.

This is the first blog in a three-part-series aimed at Chloe’s progress in the program. The CEO of Drone Forward is a Babson MBA graduate, as well as a student in the Harvard Business Analytics Program, and is hopeful that Chloe will prove that many of the techniques and methods taught at the graduate level can be learned and applied by someone her age.

Drone Forward is dedicated to utilizing the excitement of drones and robotics to teach students essential tool sets needed to build sustainable and prosperous businesses. Our organization is lucky to have Chloe helping us figure out how to accomplish our goal of building a better group of future business leaders.

Note on the Youth Consulting Program: Drone Forward is dedicated to making future Youth Consulting Projects accessible to all students, so please reach out to us if you know of any children who could benefit from a YCP experience. Drone Forward also welcomes qualified individuals to apply to become mentors to our consultant teams. In connection, the program is always looking for drone/robotics/technology companies that are interested in being the focal point of one of our projects. All interested parties should go to and submit the contact information and someone from Drone Forward will get back to you.

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