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Upgrade Drone Gear the Right Way

Tech upgrades occur in every industry. What worked yesterday had flaws, so people figure out how to release a 2.0 version. Usually sleeker, faster, or change we value when looking to upgrade. None of this is bad, since upgrades yield more value. This is how we’ve arrived at Tesla vehicles and iPad tablets.

The growing list of drone upgrades result in increased speed, reduced maintenance, more compact sizes, etc.

  • Longer battery life – conduct multiple operations before needing a recharge

  • Quad rotors – higher lifting capacity over dual rotors

  • Landing pad – new designs are waterproof, foldable and include LED features

From the list above there are clearly benefits to new products. Still we must be mindful of the human factor. For example, drone goggles are growing in popularity. They fit comfortably on one’s face, and feel like you’re in tune with your drone. The 1st person perspective allows better maneuverability for drone racing, or attention-to-detail when surveying any area. But don’t forget about your operating space!

Most drone pilots aren’t operating from their couch but instead parks, work sites, and event locations. Professional pilots have teams with visual observers, but those without need steps to preserve their safety. Operating a 30-minute drone flight using goggles can leave someone exposed to physical danger. Think about other people, cars and other drones operating nearby. Or animals (especially the ones that bite lol).

Drone goggles are a fantastic upgrade for pilot operations. If you purchase a pair, consider updating your safety checklist to mitigate your physical vulnerability.

Go out and capture some great videos!

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