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Giving STEAM Education Developed for Quarantined US Children to Others

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

While sufficient vaccination rates allow US children to flock to outdoor camps and activities this summer, there are still children all over the world looking for enrichment opportunities in communities overcome by COVID-19. After a thorough evaluation of data in the post-vaccine COVID world, Drone Forward recognized that their award-winning virtual programs would provide the most value if directed to third-world populations still impacted by the virus.

Drone Forward’s research efforts led to the LATHA Foundation and the amazing accomplishments the foundation has made with its Southern Africa Institute of Aviation Science and Technology (SAIAST). The programs currently provided by LATHA and SAIAST have allowed many Zambian women to successfully enter the aviation industry and the morale uplift on the community has drawn the attention of people from neighboring villages far-and-wide.

Most importantly, children flock to SAIAST each day and play outside its walls knowing the school is a beacon of hope. Because of this, Drone Forward Incorporated has gifted LATHA and SAIAST with their Drone Builders Program and their Drone and Robotics Entrepreneurship Program as well as the teaching staff to launch the programs and train staff in Zambia. What is so pivotal to the success of this partnership is that SAIAST has the technology infrastructure to support the students in these virtual educational experiences, something Drone Forward struggled to find with other potential partners.

At this point, LATHA and SAIAST are in need of the funds required to purchase drone builders kits and supplies for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their ventures. Drone Forward has decided to direct 90% of all donated funds towards these programs until September of 2021. LATHA, SAIAST, and DFI appreciate your generosity.

Please visit and follow the donations link to contribute.

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